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Sales Accelerator – How Social Selling can help to build up a Coach with your customer’s organisation

One key finding of our discussions in our last week\’s webinars was that Social Selling should be embedded along the entire sales process. It serves as a useful complement to the traditional sales activities.

In this context, our guest speaker, Uwe Diegmann from SEW-Eurodrive, confirmed the great importance of  Social Selling in maintaining and  expanding the relationship with the customers.

I would like to add that using social media channels can be extremely helpful in finding and building a coach within the potential customer\’s organization or  new existing customer projects.

A good coach in the client organization can give us important insights into the internal decision making process, open the door to the buying center members, and act as an internal salesperson for us.

💡 Use Social Selling to build a trusting and sustainable foundation with your coach.

💡 Share valuable content with your coach that helps them strengthening their position internally.

💡 Prove your expertise and demonstrate that conversations with you deliver real value to your coach.

A good coach on the client side is worth his or her weight in gold. However, remember that you have to earn the trust first.

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