Leadership Coaching

It is important to us to support managers with and without disciplinary functions in their specific requirements to act effectively.

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Leadership Coaching

Leading people is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s about operating in a rapidly changing and highly complex environment in a way that inspires, empowers, and supports people to reach their full potential to achieve business goals together.

It is important to us to support managers with and without disciplinary functions in their specific requirements to act effectively, not only at the tool and competency level, but also at the attitude and value level. In doing so, we pursue an appreciative and strengths-oriented approach, but we are not afraid to touch a sore spot where necessary and speak plainly.

This is how we can support you in the area of leadership

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Mindset and Behavior for Successful Leadership

What attitude and behavior should managers show in today’s world to ensure both a high level of employee satisfaction and the achievement of the company’s goals?

Employee development

Achieve employee retention and growth through individual and strengths-based support, targeted delegation, implementation support and coaching by managers


How can managers coach, support and empower their employees at the subordinate management level in a way that they become effective as top performers and multipliers?

Agile Leadership

How do we create an agile mindset in companies as well as a flexible, team-oriented leadership philosophy that focuses on fast decision-making, collaboration and continuous improvement?

Lateral Leadership and Project Leadership

Improvement of appearance, attitude and conversation skills for project managers and employees in key positions who want to be effective in the matrix without disciplinary means

Women in leadership and key positions

Women’s leadership training strengthens skills, promotes self-confidence, breaks down barriers and supports career advancement for a diverse and successful management level.

From employee to boss / newly appointed managers

Development of one’s own understanding of leadership and roles as well as suitable leadership methodologies when taking on a leadership role

Virtual and Hybrid Leadership

How should I consciously adapt my leadership behavior in a virtual or hybrid setting in order to achieve a high level of goal orientation and employee retention?

Talent Management

We work with you to identify and develop your talents and junior managers in order to promote individual strengths, achieve employee retention and ensure organizational success.

Healthy Leadership

Joint development and training of measures that sustainably improve the well-being and satisfaction of managers and employees

Leading heterogeneous teams

Learning skills to lead people of different cultures, personality traits and generations with a high degree of flexibility and individual orientation and to be able to act well with the dynamics in the team.

Individual support and coaching

Training is often not enough to achieve sustainable change. We support and accompany your managers through individual coaching, case discussions, potential analyses and more.

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