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“You cannot introduce customer centricity!”

You cannot introduce customer centricity!

Customer centricity: the word, the myth, the legend. Used a thousand times as a project title and all with the same goal: to put the customer at the center.

So a management team meets and decides: We are introducing Customer Centricity.

Unfortunately, you can’t “introduce” customer centricity because it is always there. The supermarket can’t “introduce” friendliness either. What would that look like? If I am treated unfriendly in the supermarket, I tell others. “They were unfriendly!”. Whether the supermarket sees it that way or whether it has introduced “friendliness” is completely irrelevant!

It’s the same with customer centricity. The customer is not interested in what you introduce. They always have the category on their radar screen. They just don’t call it such. They say: “They gave me great support!”, “They made huge efforts to help us achieve our goal!” or “They understood us and our needs very well!”.

So customer centricity is always there. Sometimes well-developed, sometimes not. What we can do, however, is to build up the touchpoints with our customers in a targeted way so that they are perceived as high customer centricity.

Our recommendation is therefore:

  1. Define important touchpoints with your customers!
  2. Describe what excellent customer centricity looks like at this touchpoint!
  3. Involve all stakeholders in the process!
  4. Ask customers what their expectations are!
  5. Create an environment in which your team is not hindered by processes in Customer Centricity!

So please don’t try to introduce Customer Centricity. Live it!


Author: Pierre Martin, #bluefroggmbh 

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