Personal Effectiveness

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Personal Effectiveness

A decisive success factor in numerous professional situations is the human being in itself  – personality,  appearance, specific attitude, emotional intelligence and ability to flexibly use the appropriate commmunication according to the situation and to positively influence other people.

We support you in significantly increasing your personal effectiveness in the corporate context.  Practical, appreciative and result-oriented. It is important to us that, in a mixture of training and coaching, we collaborate with you to find the path that will have the greatest possible effect in your specific requirement situation.

This is how we can support you in the area of Personal Effectiveness

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Communicate, persuade and assert yourself effectively

How do I use effective communication techniques to convince the other person in the long term to pull together with me?

Emotional Intelligence

Improvement of the ability to recognize and understand one’s own and others’ emotions, to regulate them and to positively influence them in social interactions


De-escalation and increase of communication skills in conflict situations, development of mutual understanding in interpersonal situations in order to avoid conflict

Time and self-management

Identifying and developing more efficient planning approaches, prioritization and organization of tasks to increase productivity on the one hand and one’s own quality of life on the other

Personal Development / Coaching

Your goals are more professional success and better interpersonal relationships. We support you in your individual growth through appreciative coaching and joint reflection.

Rhetoric and presentation skills

Analysis and training of expressiveness as well as effective and convincing appearance and presentation in front of individuals and groups

Efficient Meetings

How do we manage to moderate online, hybrid and face-to-face meetings so efficiently that the goals are achieved and there is a high level of acceptance among the participants with the solution we have developed?

Team development and team communication

How does a group become a high-performance team? Goal-oriented team development fosters trust, clear communication, common goals, and conflict resolution for an effective and harmonious team environment.

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